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Colin Cowherd Blasts Jaguars For Not Having Injury Cart For Trevor Lawrence

Colin Cowherd: “Businesses will show you how committed they are. Pay attention – should you re-sign with a company? Do you like a company? Should you move to a company? How do they treat their employees? I can’t take the Jaguars seriously. This will feel like a little thing to you but it bothered the heck out of me. Trevor Lawrence gets hurt, writhing in pain, three minutes it takes him to get off the field, 6’5”, 230, he’s a big kid. Then they show him leaving the field with a security guard... You don’t have a cart?? For God’s sake, it’s Florida, everyone owns a golf cart. A security guard?? Where is ‘Dom’ when you need him? He’s a $400 million franchise player and a security guard is helping him off the field. That may be a little thing to you but there’s a reason the Niners, Eagles, Cowboys, Ravens, Chiefs, and Packers are good year after year, because they commit to the player and they care deeply. They treat their players well and their employees well. He's the star employee and you don’t have a cart for him to leave the field?? Maybe you should just move to Orlando because you’re such a Mickey Mouse operation. He’s Trevor Lawrence, he saved the franchise. You had to play in London back-to-back and tarp the upper deck of your stadium... This is how you treat him?? RIDICULOUS. God, if there’s any place in America that should have golf carts around the stadium it’s a team in Florida. Maybe there was a golf cart and he didn’t wanna get on it -- You DEMAND he gets on it and you DEMAND he’s treated well. That’s how you treat employees. These athletes give their bodies for entertainment and billionaire owners, and the franchise star goes down and you got a security guard helping him off the field. BUSH LEAGUE. You’re a half-committed franchise. It’s Monday Night Football, you’re a low-brow franchise, and you wanna show the country you have your act together. This drove me nuts. They don’t treat you like that in San Francisco or Philadelphia. Philadelphia has a security guard that if you get close to their players he’s getting in your face. I may not love that but I appreciate how certain organizations treated their players for years.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd rip the Jacksonville Jaguars organization for not having an injury cart available to transport injured quarterback Trevor Lawrence to the locker room last night, as Colin thought it was ‘bush league’ for Lawrence to have to be carried off the field after suffering a potentially season-ending ankle injury vs. the Bengals on Monday Night Football. 

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he took such exception to the way Lawrence’s injury was handled, saying the Jaguars proved what a ‘low-brow’ franchise they are for making their best player in franchise history painfully limp back to the locker room. 

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